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Why choose us?

Why chose GSIP as your organizational certification?

We know you have a choice. Our goal is to be the most preferred certification for the following BOK’s:
· LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt
· LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt
· LEAN Six Sigma Yellow Belt
· LEAN Bronze
· LEAN Silver
  The GSIP certification was created to meet the following objectives:
1. Greater Cost effectiveness on transformation type training programs
2. Promote continued use of students new found knowledge
3. Help organizations become more financially efficient
4. Help students get jobs and or promotions
For the following clients:
1. University Students that operate under a GSIP contract.
2. High volume corporate accounts that result from large scale transformations.
3. Government agencies performing high volume training used in organizational transformation.
4. WARN training contracts.
More Cost Effective:
Because our client base includes university students and high volume corporate and government accounts we need to keep the costs of training down if we are to serve in these types of markets.
GSIP certification is approximately 5 to 10 times cheaper than traditional Six Sigma training, depending on volume. GSIP can offer these lower prices due to our state of the art efficiencies, which include delivering training content over our state of the art online Learning Management System (LMS). Our lectures are streamed in high quality HD video.

Most of our university classes are taught as blended classes, which means the class is part face to face and part online. We lecture face to face on the more challenging elements of the body of knowledge and the rest of the material is delivered as online training assignments.

For our high volume corporate accounts all lectures are delivered as online assignments and all of the face time is spent coaching students on how to effectively and efficiently complete their Six Sigma projects. This is a more effective and efficient way to create Six Sigma practitioners. Many organizations using the traditional approach to Six Sigma training will spend all of their resources on the lectures and will have no resources available for coaching students on projects. This makes for a very ineffective organizational transformation.

The cost of the GSIP training includes the certification exam!

Promotes Continued Use of Students New Found Knowledge:
The awarding of the GSIP certification requires two elements. The first element is the student must finish all lectures and their associated exams. For university students this awards the students an educational certification. University students will complete their projects and be awarded the complete GSIP certification after they graduate into the work force and have reasonable possibilities of performing DMAIC projects.
The second element for standard GSIP certification is the student must finish a project. After the project is completed and GSIP personnel completes the verification of project effectiveness and a correct dollar amount is agreed upon between GSIP personnel and the corporate sponsor then the certificate will be rewarded at a dollar level. For example let’s say a student completes a project and it is determined that the project saved the sponsoring organization $100,000 per year. Then the student would be awarded their GSIP certification at the $100,000 dollar level. This level is printed on their certificate.

The GSIP certification must be recertified every three years. Completing projects is the only requirement for maintaining the GSIP certification. Every three years the cost savings from all the projects performed over that three year period will be added up and the new certificate will be awarded at this dollar level. GSIP encourages all organizations that hire GSIP certified employees to make GSIP certification, at a given dollar level, a job requirement. This encourages the GSIP certified individual to keep performing projects to meet their GSIP job requirement. This is how GSIP meets the objective of promoting continued use of the student’s new found knowledge.

Helps Company’s Become More Profitable:

When companies that subscribe to the GSIP certification make GSIP certification, at a given dollar level, a job requirement then employees work more improvement projects which in turn creates savings thus making GSIP organizations more profitable. Having students habitually work projects also increases the value of human capital for the GSIP organization.